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About the Choir

The purpose of the choir has evolved into one of providing support to other charitable organisations, and each year the Choir supports a particular charity.

The Choir does not charge for its concerts but gives all proceeds raised through ticket and program sales to a chosen charity.

In 2011-12 the charity for the summer concert was WADE

In 2010-11 the charity for the summer concert was Wokingham Crossroads Care

In 2009-10 the charities were
- Autumn: Wokingham Home-Start and
- Summer: Alexander Devine Children's Cancer Trust.

In 2008-9 the charities were
- Autumn: Wokingham Community First Responders, and
- Summer: Wokingham District Cancer Care Trust
In 2007-8 the charity was the NSPCC
In 2006-7 the chosen charity was the Wokingham District Cancer Care Trust
In the season 2005-6 the choir raised £1453 for WADE and £734 for Corpus Christi
In the season 2004-5 the choir raised £1169 for the NSPCC and £300 towards the Corpus Christi building programme

Several times each year concerts are organised for the elderly in their sheltered accommodation.

This programme continues to provide the members of the choir with the means to learn or improve their musical skills and hence improve on the high standards which we set for our choral performances. It also provides a social element where members come to enjoy each other's company each week, as well as attending the social events that are organised throughout the year.

How the Choir was founded

The choir has a history stretching back to 1986, when it was part of the local South Berkshire Music Centre which was itself part of the Berkshire Young Musicians' Trust (BYMT).

Many of the parents of children attending the Centre for music tuition had been taught music when they were young, and their love of music was being passed on to their children through the lessons that the centre provided. Music, as a part of life, was obviously being held in high regard by these parents but some of them were seeking more participation for themselves.

The Centre’s Musical Director, recognising this need, therefore decided to form a parents' choir, and thus the choir which is now known as The South Berkshire Singers (SBS) was born.

For many years the Musical Director was Dorothy Andrews, a choral music teacher at the Music Centre, and the Choir’s character was closely allied to that of the Centre. Eventually though, it matured enough to want to become independent, and it finally did so in 1998 when all formal ties with the BYMT were severed.

The Choir today is therefore a registered charity, has its own management committee and a program of concerts that it organises and performs all of its own.

Reproduced with kind permission of the Wokingham Times
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